Catholic Cremation Urns

Catholic Cremation Urns, Division of Care Services Inc., a Funeral Industry Management Services Company, proudly presents Religious Statuary that allows cremated remains to be laid to rest in the hallowed recesses of Statuary depicting the Sacred Heart of JESUS (Bosom of the Lord), The Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Lady of Grace, and Lady de Guadalupe.

What more endearing can such a tribute be offered to a lost loved one but to be enshrined in durable hallow rotational molded and hand painted statuary that epitomizes the Bosom of the Lord, and the Ever Virgin Mary.
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Sacred Heart of Jesus Lady of Grace
Immaculate Heart of Mary Our Lady of Guadalupe
Ashes can be transferred from an existing urn by purchaser (instructions provided). Or Care Services can provide for installation of ashes and the disposal of previously used container/urn for a charge of $50.
- A blank self stick name plate is included that can be affixed to the Base of the statute for identification of deceased loved one, once engraved by purchaser's local engraver. .
- Also included is a memorial capsule for additional information on the life of the decedent placed in or on top of the non-biodegradable ash pouch factory installed inside the statuary closed with a sure lock sealing clip
- The bottom of the statuary is closed with a special plug designed to close the bottom of the statuary.

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